Structural Fabrication

Tadley Engineering is able to provide structural and more intricate metal fabrication services to industry.

We undertake a broad range of welding and structural fabrication work. This includes end user products such as garden gates, fencing, stair cases, signage and play grounds.

In addition, we undertake more complex fabrication work for clients in the Construction, Nuclear, Aerospace and Defence industry where the quality requirements are more stringent.

To underline our commitment to quality in this sector, we hold BSEN 1090 accreditation to Execution Class 4 (EXC4) for CE marked steel fabrication. Our certification covers the design and manufacture (including coded welding) of structural steel work up to and including Execution Class 4 (EXC4) as defined in EN 1090-2. EXC4 is the highest level certification and is applied to special structures or structures with extreme consequences of a structural failure as required by national provisions.



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